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Class sizes in The Drelincourt are small with numbers in each classroom not exceeding 20. The small class sizes allow teachers to effectively develop individual needs, abilities and aptitudes.

If the school’s admissions and enrolment numbers have not been reached the school will admit all children of the appropriate age whose parents wish them to attend the school. These children are:-

i Firstly those of compulsory school age (children who reach their fourth birthday on or before 1 July of this year); then

ii those who reach their fourth birthday between 2 July and 1 September of that year (both dates inclusive) – to be admitted on 1 September; then,

iii those who reach their fourth birthday during the remainder of the school year – to be admitted after the child’s fourth birthday. Children in categories ii and iii will only be selected for admission if places are not filled by children in earlier categories.

Arrangements for admission

During the summer term children to be admitted to P1 in September of that year will be invited to the school with their parents to meet the teacher and to be provided with additional information.